How to Turn Gumi into Gudra in Pokemon Sword and Shield


In Pokemon Sword and Shield, trainers travel around Galar, meeting many new Pokemon who call the region their home in the British style. But even in the new world, old friends can help veteran coaches feel at home. Generation 8 reintroduces many fan favorites from the old regions with the same old methods of evolution. Another of these familiar faces is Gumi, who eventually transforms into the fabulous Gudra.

Gumi was first introduced in the sixth generation as a native of the Kalos region. A Dragon-type Pokemon evolves into a Sligga through leveling up, and then into a pseudo-legendary Goodra after leveling up in certain weather conditions. Having reached its final form, the Pokemon retains its only dragon type, but gains significantly increased base stats and access to powerful moves such as Aqua Tail and Outrage. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Gumi will continue to evolve using the same method as previous generations. However, the first trainers need to find a Gumi that appears only in a certain weather in one place. In addition, Pokemon Dragon is an exclusive version of Pokemon Shield. Pokemon Sword trainers who wish to purchase Goomy will have to exchange it for a Shield Trainer. This guide explains in detail where to find a Gumi, and how to subsequently turn it into a Gudra.

Updated by Russ Boswell on July 19, 2022: Fans are looking forward to the upcoming release of the newest Pokemon adventure in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. However, there are current players who have yet to go through the grand adventure of Pokemon Sword & Shield. These players will have access to a variety of Pokemon thanks to the inclusion of the National Pokedex, and there are plenty of Pokemon to choose from while traveling through the Galar region. Those who want a cute but ferocious dragon should try Gumi in Pokemon Sword & Shield. To better demonstrate what Goomy is capable of, even more information has been added to the following guide.

Where to catch Gumi

Gumi can only be found in the Wilderness, located in the area of Lake Disturbance to the northwest. Trainers will need to cross the lake by bike and climb the hill to find a place where Gumi can appear. To find Gumi, the weather must be rainy and, if necessary, it can be changed. After fulfilling these conditions, the trainers will need to check the red exclamation marks that appear in the tall grass, because Gumi will not appear in the ordinary world. Note that Gumi has a 2 percent chance of being met and will range from level 50 to level 52. Trainers should be ready to check out a lot of random encounters and bring Pokemon of the appropriate level as soon as they encounter Gumi.

Evolution into Sligga and Gudra

After capturing Gumi, he will turn into a Sligga after being promoted to level 40. However, in order to turn into Gudra, trainers will need to raise Sligga above level 50 and raise his level in rainy weather. Note that it should rain in the normal world, so movements or abilities that change the weather during battle will have no effect on evolution. The method of increasing the level of Sliggu does not matter, so the trainers can force him to fight or just feed him rare sweets. If all the requirements are met, players will receive Goodra.

Eventually, the trainers in Pokemon Sword and Shield will find a lot of changes in the Galar region, but some things remain eternal.

A closer look at the statistics for the Goomy line

Gumi is not just another adorable Pokemon in a sea of soft, round cuties. The tiny dragon type actually turns into one of the most interesting and useful Pokemon in Sword & Shield. Here’s the best look at Gumi, its evolution and what they have to offer in terms of stats and abilities.


Gumi can be found with the following abilities:

Sap Sipper — will increase the Pokemon attack rate when hit with a grass movement. Hydration — can cure any status problems if it rains. Gooey (Hidden Ability) — when hit by a physical contact movement, the opponent’s speed decreases.

Gumi statistics

Health: 45 Attack: 50 Special Attack: 55 Defense: 35 Special Defense: 75 Speed: 40 Total base stats: 300

Sligsu Statistics

Health: 68 Attack: 75 Special Attack: 83 Defense: 53 Special Defense: 113 Speed: 60 General Basic stats: 452

Gudra Statistics

Health: 90 Attack: 100 Special Attack: 110 Protection: 70 Special protection: 150 Speed: 80 General basic stats: 600

Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available for the Nintendo Switch.