How to Treat in Overwatch 2


Treatment is an important part of Overwatch 2. As with any first-person shooter or team game, healing is an important part of surviving and keeping your teammates alive during combat. In Overwatch, heroes can heal allies and themselves, and healing items can be found all over the map.

Healing replenishes the hero’s life points and can be performed in various ways. First aid kits, a respawn room, an attacking team’s payload, and Heroes’ abilities can provide healing. Healing can also help create the Ultimate Charge, which means that knowing the different ways players heal during a match is extremely important.

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Most of the healing abilities are exactly the same as in the original Overwatch, with some changes in the numbers and how the abilities work, such as with the Mercy changes in Overwatch 2. As for the heroes, the support characters are usually focused on the treatment. When a player receives treatment, it first restores his health, then his armor, and then finally his shields. Here are all the treatments in Overwatch 2.

Treatment in Overwatch 2

Healing Allies includes Heroes who can heal other heroes with their abilities. Here are all the healing abilities of the allies in the game.

Ana: A biotic rifle and a biotic grenade can heal allies and enhance other sources of healing. Baptiste: Can heal allies with alternative biotic grenade launcher fire. His Regenerative Blast also heals surrounding allies, and his Immortality Field heals teammates whose HP is below 10%. Brigitte: Inspiration heals itself and all allies nearby. Her repair kits also heal targeted allies. Lucio: “Cross Attenuation” can be switched to boost healing to heal allies. Moira: “Biotic Grip” can heal allies along with her biotic sphere. Fusion can also heal. Zenyatta: The sphere of harmony heals the chosen ally. Superiority also heals all allies within range. It is important to note that this list does not include new characters who will appear in Overwatch 2, whose abilities have not yet been announced. Mercy: The Caduceus Staff heals an ally while he is in her field of vision, and this healing is enhanced during her Valkyrie ultimatum ability. Soldier: 76 – Biotic field heals allies.

Some heroes in Overwatch also have healing abilities, but they can only be used on themselves. Here are all the self-healing abilities in the game.

Bastion: Self-healing heals him as long as he holds on.Mae: Cryo-freezing heals her during the action.Mercy: Regeneration passively heals her while she avoids damage.Moira: The secondary fire of the biotic grip heals her while she deals damage to enemies. Merging also gives her self-healing. Reaper: The Harvest heals him by 35% of the damage he has done. Turboswine: Respite heals him quickly. Tracer: Return heals any damage received in the last 3 seconds. Here’s how to unlock the Tracer skin from the comics in the original game to unlock the Tracer skin in Overwatch.

Finally, players can also heal their heroes with certain items and special abilities. Small and Large first aid kits restore health by 75 and 250 OZ, respectively. The shield’s health is restored over time if it does not take damage. Being in the player’s respawn room heals him by 400 HP per second, making it the strongest treatment in the game. The payload heals the attacking team’s heroes while they are within reach. Finally, hacking and EMI Sombra make first aid kits respawn faster, and Genji’s “Deflection” ability in Overwatch 2 can turn healing projectiles of enemies into healing projectiles of allies.