How to transfer your stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp


Do you want to add more stickers to your WhatsApp? There is a trick you can do to join them with those of Telegram.

Are you a fan of stickers? If so, then we have excellent news for you, because there is a little-known trick to make your collection bigger, adding those of WhatsApp with those that you have saved in Telegram.

The reality is that these days instant messaging applications have become even more popular to keep everyone in communication; being WhatsApp and Telegram the most popular. And although they are competitors, it must be recognized that each one has its qualities and they have become favorites. The novelty is that now you can combine them.

If you want to increase your collection of stickers, here we will tell you the secret trick, which you have to follow step by step so that in the end you can achieve it and all those stickers saved in Telegram are now part of your WhatsApp conversations.

Transfer your stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp

  • Enter your settings section in Telegram.
  • Then go to Chats and then Stickers and skins or just Stickers if your mobile device is iPhone.
  • In this section you will see all your downloaded stickers, so you will have to press the share option.
  • You can see that a window will open immediately, choose Copy link and that’s it.
  • Now go to your Telegram chats and press the search magnifying glass. Type
  • DownloadStickersBot and paste the link in said conversation.
  • The bot will confirm that it has received the new pack of stickers and that it will download them to your mobile.
  • In a few minutes you will receive all your stickers compressed in a ZIP.

Up to this point you will have downloaded all your stickers collected in Telegram to your phone. Next we will tell you the following steps to export to WhatsApp.

When you have the stickers on your phone, open Sticker Maker for iOS or Personal Stickers for Android.

Choose the pack you downloaded from Telegram and the application will convert them into new stickers for WhatsApp through a link.

Open the link to get the stickers. Press OK and everything is ready.

You should know that you can repeat this process every time you have new stickers in Telegram, so you can take advantage of all of them in the two applications and use them at any time.


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