How To Transfer Whatsapp Chat History To Telegram?


After the scandal yesterday, many users want to leave WhatsApp. But how to transfer WhatsApp chat history to Telegram?


WhatsApp has been holding the title of the most used messaging application in the world for many years. Earlier this year, the platform came to the fore with its new confidentiality agreement. The shares on Twitter by users who rebelled against the situation made a big impact. The access problem in Facebook services yesterday was the last straw.

Users rolled up their sleeves to search for alternative messaging apps. In this case, one of the first platforms that came to mind was Telegram. However, users were hesitant to switch applications due to the presence of chat logs on WhatsApp.

However, it is known that it is quite easy to make such a transition thanks to the option to export the chat history in the application. In this article, we have explained to you step by step the feature of moving chat history from WhatsApp to Telegram.

Export WhatsApp chat history to Telegram

The chat history export feature released by Whatsapp initially only came to iOS devices. Then, this feature for Android devices was offered to users with an incoming update. If you want to transfer your chat history to Telegram, you can follow the steps below:


  • First of all, we enter the application from our WhatsApp installed device, where we want to transfer the chat history.
  • In the Chats page, we open the chat window that we want to export.
  • Click the button of the Options menu on the top right.
  • Here we select the Export Chat option. (On some devices, this feature may appear when we click the other option first.)
  • The application will offer us two options: no media or include media.
  • If we want to transfer the photos, videos and audio recordings found in the chat, we must select the Include media option.
  • Then we choose Telegram among the applications that appear on the sharing menu that opens.
  • Click on the chat window on Telegram where you want to transfer the chat history.
  • An option will appear that shows that the messages are transferred to Telegram.
  • It will suffice to say import.

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