How to track Android phone by Google


Losing your phone and having your phone stolen or stolen are frustrating situations. But for those who have an Android smartphone, Google offers a tool that can help you find it. This is “Find my Device”, whose interface is based on Google Maps.

In addition to facilitating the location of the smartphone, the feature offered by the Mountain View giant also allows it to emit an alert sound on the device. In addition, the user can lock the gadget, displaying a personalized message, and delete all data remotely.

Using this function is very simple, but the missing Android needs to be with it activated, connected to the internet and with GPS on.

Activate the “Find my Device” function

1. Go to the “Settings” menu of the device and tap “Google”;

2. On the next screen, press “Security”;

3. Now, choose “Find My Device”;

4. Activate the feature by touching the key, leaving it in the position indicated in the image;

5. Leave the GPS location always on, as well as the internet (via Wi-Fi or mobile network), because only then will it be possible to find the smartphone.

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