How to test Facebook’s new dark mode


Dark mode is one of the features that is already included in the smartphones of all companies. The customization layers of the different operating systems already include it and in some cases transfer it to other applications, although sometimes these cause some kind of incompatibility. Luckily, Facebook won’t have that problem adding the new dark mode to its list of options. We tell you how you can use it.

After a year dark mode comes to Facebook

In your day to day, there is no lack of a regulatory look at social networks. It won’t last more than 5 minutes, at least for each look, but you always find something new to see. Some of your contacts share new photos, the brand you like presents new products or you make a new update on your profile. Facebook is one of those portals and now you can enjoy one of the most demanded functions from your mobile, such as dark mode.

Yes, the Menlo Park app did not have this feature and they had been working on it since last year. At last this function has entered the testing phase as we told you in advance in early November, but what you would not know is that although this function is in the testing phase you can use it from today. You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Open Facebook
  • Touch the three lines at the bottom right of the screen
  • Select “Settings and privacy”.
  • Press “Dark Mode”

At the same time, the tone of the application will go from white to black with gray tones to highlight certain areas. As we have told you on other occasions, this function will help you to see the application without getting so tired, but if your terminal has an OLED screen you will have a much more efficient device in terms of battery. On the other hand, if you are an Instagram user, you should know that this function is already operational regardless of the mobile you have, so use it and check if it compensates you or not.

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