How to test download management in Microsoft Edge


One of Microsoft’s best decisions regarding its web browser was to redesign it and base it on Chromium. Since then, more and more users have decided to give the Microsoft Edge browser a try and even for many it has already become their default browser.

In addition to the expected extensions, the fact that the new Edge is based on Chromium allows Redmond to add functions much faster and easier to the browser. Specifically, one of the latest functions that Microsoft has included in Edge is the one that allows you to manage all the downloads made from the browser in a much easier and simpler way.

To do this, it has included a new option within the browser’s own menu to access all downloads. In addition, it is possible to dock this option directly in the toolbar for a more comfortable access. You just have to right-click on the Downloads option and choose the option to pin the option to the browser’s own toolbar.

How to test the new feature in Edge

That is, in this way we can see all the files or images that we have downloaded from Edge with a single click. Now, it is a function that at the moment is only available in the Canary version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, therefore, we will have to have this version to start enjoying it until it reaches the final version of the browser.

Luckily, if we do not have this version, it is possible to get it from the following link to the Microsoft Edge Insider page. We will simply have to download the Canary Channel version and install it on our computer. Once this is done, we open a browser window on our desktop and click on the menu button of the browser itself, which is shown in the upper right part and represented by three dots.

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Now, among the options that are shown, we must find the Downloads option. If we select this option, then we can see all the files or images downloaded from the browser, which allows us to manage all of them in a much faster and easier way. From this option it is possible to view all the downloads, open any of the downloaded files or even delete them if we no longer need them.

As we indicated previously, to manage all the downloads that we make from Microsoft Edge Chromium, it is possible to add this option, Downloads, to the browser toolbar. In this way, we can access it with a single click. To do this, it is enough to click on the browser menu icon and then click on the Downloads option with the right mouse button. Finally, we choose the option to anchor to the toolbar and it will automatically be visible.


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