How to tell if your app is having problems


Like any other service, WhatsApp is susceptible to failures, like the one that happened last Friday (19). This certainly causes a doubt to hang in the air: is it the application itself or my internet? In this matter, we teach you to use some tools to identify if the messenger really goes through any instability.

How to know if WhatsApp has crashed?

If you are suspicious that the service has gone down, you can use some tools that are available on the network, or even use another resource in your favor: social networks.

Check out how each one can help you follow.


Downdetector is a website where you have the chance to check the functioning status of various services, such as WhatsApp itself or social networks, for example.

As soon as you access the service page, you will see a search field in which you can enter which service you want to consult. In the case of the messenger, just type his name in the indicated area to be redirected to an area with a graphic on the left. If it is not straight, it means that users are reporting some kind of problem.

There is also the possibility that you can send a message stating that you have an error, and to do so, just click on the WhatsApp graphic (where WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business will possibly be) and then on the red button with the inscription I am having problems with WhatsApp.


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