How to take screen print on PC! Details


The PC capture feature, which allows you to freeze the screen in images of the most varied formats, can be very useful for those who need to create a tutorial, share a shortcut to some system function or even record an error message.

PCs have the feature natively integrated and can be accessed via the keyboard or by dedicated shortcuts and software that offer more options for captures, such as selecting only a screen area, a specific window or video recording the desktop.

Dedicated key

The simplest way to make a print is using the “Print Scr” key on the keyboard (Print Screen or Print Sc, depending on the model). This way, the capture is automatically stored in the system’s clipboard, allowing it to be pasted into Paint, for example.

It is also possible to paste the capture in the body of an email, in a messenger window and the like. If you prefer to use Paint, you can save the file in any of the formats supported by the software.

Print shortcuts

In Windows, you can use two shortcuts for captures. The first is the Windows + Print Screen key, which captures and automatically stores it in the image folder. The second is the Windows + Shift + S key, which allows you to select an area, triggering a system capture menu that is displayed in Windows 10.

Capture tool

Another option available in the Microsoft operating system is the Capture Tool, with easy usability and that allows you to capture the entire screen or a specific area through the selection mode. To access the resource, you can use the search field on the system task bar by typing “capture tool”. When clicking on the app, a new window is displayed: in “New” it is possible to start a new screen capture.

The “Mode” field allows you to select how to capture the image, choosing from the options “Free-form clipping”, “Rectangular capture” (the default mode), “Window capture” and “Full screen clipping”. When starting a capture, the mouse pointer changes to a cross that delimits the space of the capture; when you release the mouse button, a new window with the capture is opened, allowing the content to be saved in the desired format.


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