How to start a career in high-tech technology


The technology market is highly heated, and the search for qualified professionals has never been greater. In the coming years, the IT sector should demand more than 420 thousand new professionals; in addition, at the current rate, Brazil will need 1 million technology experts by 2030.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to invest in technology training, to be prepared to enter the world of programming earning high salaries in careers that can pay between R $ 5 and R $ 15 thousand.

But where to start studying programming? Among so many options of schools and courses, which one to choose?

The American School of Programming Kenzie Academy, based in Brazil, is a great option for those who want to enter the market in a quick and practical way, through a 100% online course, with live classes and real-time support every days. In addition, it has an innovative payment methodology in which the student only pays after working.

What is Kenzie Academy Brasil?

Unlike everything else on the market, Kenzie has an innovative teaching methodology, built by Silicon Valley engineers, with extreme quality for those who want to work in the programming area. This is not a traditional course that uses conventional teaching methods, such as Colleges and Technical Courses. Kenzie focuses on forming a full stack programmer, working on technical skills and soft skills in just 12 months.

The methodology used by the institution is unprecedented here and meets the greatest need of students: placement in the job market. In this model, students only start paying for the course after being employed and with a minimum remuneration of R $ 3 thousand per month.

Kenzie has already changed the lives of hundreds of people with this method, and you can be the next to face this transformation by clicking here.

Innovative method of study in programming with a focus on placement in the labor market

The model used by Kenzie is fully aligned with the interest of the student who wants to quickly enter the job market. The institution only wins if the student also wins – that is, when he gets a job.

How does this work in practice?

Kenzie uses the Income Share Agreement (ISA) payment method, created initially in the United States, in which the great differential is the student studying without initial investment and paying only after completing the course. With ISA, the student has access to quality education and pays a fixed percentage of 17% of his income when he gets a minimum remuneration.

The institution has an area specialized in partnering with companies that are looking for programming professionals and is proud to have 100% employability after 3 months of completing the programming course, which proves that the method really works.

Differentials of Kenzie Academy Brasil

Kenzie has other important differentials. The first of them is the fact that the institution focuses on the training of so-called soft skills, which are interpersonal skills required by recruiters. In addition to teaching programming from scratch to students, the company focuses efforts on imparting important behavioral skills to the technology job market. Students go through a complete immersion during the course, in an experience similar to what they will find in a real job.

In this way, students already leave with the baggage of a programming professional who not only masters the technical part (hard skills), but also lived in practice how the technology market works. Students learn through dozens of projects during the course, concepts related to teamwork, meeting deadlines, organization, agile methodologies and much more.

Another highlight is the fact that Kenzie’s teaching team is composed mainly of professionals with years of experience in the technology area. In addition, the Kenzie team supports students in real-time learning throughout the entire teaching period. This guarantees the quality of the content transmitted, which is reflected in the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the main metric for measuring customer loyalty, always above 75.

Are you interested?

If you were interested in this method and are looking to work in the programming area, know that this is your chance. To learn more about Kenzie Academy Brasil and sign up to start a new career, just click on this link.


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