How to speed up Windows 10? Here are the transactions


Everyone wants their computer to be fast and tries to find solutions. “How to speed up Windows 10?” That’s why the answer to the question is important for users. With the Windows 10 acceleration methods guide we have prepared, you can speed up your computer. You have researched many practical Windows 10 acceleration methods.

Clean system disks

Go to my computer and go to Local disk C and right click. Select properties and choose wipe disk option. Check the options in the menu that appears and click the OK button. After all these steps, your disk cleaning process will be completed.

Close background apps

In our computer search field, type “background applications” and click on the plan applications heading. You will see that most of the applications we encounter are open. From here, you can contribute to the faster running of Windows 10 by closing all background applications with one move, or by closing some of them according to your preferences.

Turn off the transparency effect

One of the steps to speed up Windows 10 is to turn off the transparency effect. Right click on your desktop screen and select personalize. Then click on the colors from the list on the left. Turn off the transparency effect. Turning off the transparency effect will also be a speed plus.

Keep your version up to date

Keeping your version up to date is important for Windows 10 acceleration. Open “My Computer” to update your version. Click the “Open settings” button. Click on “update and security” on the new screen that appears. Finally click on “check for updates”.

In this way, if there is a new software update sent by Microsoft, your computer will download this update. If you turn your computer on and off, the new version will be installed on your computer. Let us remind you that your device must be connected to the internet for the process to take place. After all these processes, you can use the most current version and increase the performance of your computer.

Empty the recycle bin

We all neglect or forget from time to time to delete what is in the recycle bin. Regularly cleaning the items in the recycle bin will speed up your computer. Another recycling bin process will be to reduce the capacity of the recycle bin. Right click on the recycle bin and select properties. Decrease the value on the screen that says the largest size in MB. You can reduce a high value like 23000 to 1000 MB.

Don’t leave your computer in sleep mode

Usually, we put our computers into sleep mode instead of completely turning off our computers for reasons such as reducing the time we wait when we turn it back on or being too lazy to shut down. Not turning the computer off completely even though we are not using it will cause the computer to waste energy unnecessarily. We recommend that you turn off your computer completely instead of putting it to sleep when you are not using it.

Turn off notifications

In the search bar of our computer, type change user account control settings and click. Pull the level of the bar on the left to the lowest level. Choose all. This way, you will get little or no notifications.

Optimize the drive

Come to my computer. Right click on Local Disk C and select properties. Click on the “tools” option on the screen that appears. Then click the “Optimize the driver” button. Click on the C disk on the screen that appears and select the “analyze” button. The time to complete the process may vary depending on the amount of data on your disk. Even if the process takes 10-15 minutes, it is better to wait. This process is an important point as a step to speed up Windows 10.

Turn on automatic maintenance

Click on “security and maintenance” in the control panel. Click on the “start maintenance” option in the automatic maintenance settings section in the maintenance category on the screen that appears. It is useful to do this process from time to time to speed up your computer.


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