How to speed up the playback of movies on Netflix


Netflix allows you to speed up video playback on Android phones. Altogether, there are four speeds available, in addition to the normal one, for the user to watch movies and series faster or slower. By default, productions are displayed at their original speed – therefore, the feature must be activated manually before playing each title. So far, the function is not available for iPhone (iOS).

The resource, which also exists on YouTube, divides opinions, as changing the original speed of the productions would make the experience not exactly the same thought by the creators. On the other hand, the function is useful to consume more content in less time, in addition to the possibility of increasing accessibility. Learn how to speed up or slow down a video on Netflix below.

How to speed up the playback of movies and series on Netflix

Step 1. Open the Netflix app and play a movie or series;

Step 2. Tap on “Speed” in the bottom menu;

Step 3. Select the desired speed. The “0.5x” and “0.75x” options slow down the video, while “1.25x” and “1.5x” make playback faster;

Step 4. To reverse the action and return the video to the original playback, just select the option “1x (Normal)”.

Ready! Take advantage of tips to speed up Netflix videos on your phone.

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