How To Solve The ‘this Site Cannot Be Reached’ Error?


How can you solve the ‘This Site Cannot Be Reached‘ problem when trying to open websites? We explained in detail.


Some internet users are experiencing the problem of “This site cannot be reached“. At the same time, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services are also inaccessible. While citizens thought that the problem was caused by themselves when Facebook services crashed, the problem turned out to be much broader. The social media company made a statement saying that they are aware of the problem and that they will solve it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, a significant portion of the citizens using fixed internet gave feedback that they could not access the internet. However, it did not go unnoticed that there were fewer problems on the mobile data side. According to the instant report notification platform Downdetector, what is the solution to the ongoing problem of ‘This site cannot be reached‘?

How to solve the ‘This site cannot be accessed’ error?

If you are also having trouble accessing fixed internet or mobile data, the first solution you should apply is to change DNS. This will eliminate the slowness or disconnection caused by DNS between your device and the target server. Therefore, you will not receive errors such as “This site cannot be reached“.

How to change DNS?

DNS change can be done for Wi-Fi connection on Windows, iPhone and Android devices. The most popular known server addresses are those provided by Google DNS and OpenDNS. While you can access Google DNS through and addresses; You can access OpenDNS with addresses and

If you are using Windows, first select your Wi-Fi connection from Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center. Click Properties and press the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) button. Then type a server of your choice in the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ section. According to user reports, Google DNS servers are more effective in this case.

Change iPhone DNS settings:

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the blue “i” icon next to the Wi-Fi network whose DNS servers you want to change.
  • Enter “Set DNS” at the bottom of the page.
  • Remove the existing DNS and press ‘Add server’ and type your own DNS address.

Android DNS change:

  • Open the “Settings” application on your smartphone and enter the Wi-Fi menu.
  • Then tap on the “Manage Network Settings” option.
  • After selecting the “Show advanced options” option, change the “IP Settings” option to “Static” from the menu that appears. Type the DNS server you want in the relevant sections.

If changing DNS didn’t work, it’s a good idea to check your modem connections. Because the problem can only be caused by you. Turn your computer, smartphone or tablet off and then on again. If it still doesn’t get better, there’s a good chance it’s a general problem. In such cases, you can follow Downdetector.

In Downdetector, users report when they experience problems with certain services. Therefore, if there are people who get the same error as “This site cannot be reached“, you can see them on the platform. In this way, you will understand whether it is caused by you or if it is a general problem.


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