How To Solve All The Mazes In Resident Evil 8 Village


Resident Evil 8 Village: We help you overcome the maze models in Resident Evil 8 Village on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox. We also give you the location of each ball. Surely you have been playing Resident Evil 8 Village and have wondered what those models are that are near each dungeon. They are called mazes and consist of overcoming a simple minigame to obtain a treasure that you can sell for a good amount of Lei. However, the real headache is not completing the challenge, but finding the correct ball (key items) to activate it. In this part of our complete guide we offer you the location of all the mazes and their balls.

All the mazes in Resident Evil 8 Village

Generally, as you progress through the story, you see the maze near the beginning of each dungeon. However, on no occasion can you activate it to face the challenge of completing it. The reason is that you need a ball to be able to use it on them and start the minigame, which consists of moving the model so that it travels the way to a hole, as if it were a golf ball. Next, all the mazes and the location of their balls.

Dimitrescu Castle Labyrinth

The model of the labyrinth is in the safe room of the Castle, where you can save your game and find the Duke. It is impossible not to see it, because you pass by it several times and it is the ideal place to hide from Lady Dimitrescu. It is very easy to complete, although you must be careful when the ball reaches the lower court, as there are three trap holes. The key is to move the model down to bring the ball into the light hole.

Location of the ball: in the upper area of ​​the piano room, specifically in a small room on the left where an enemy is waiting.


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