How to skip Netflix intros from Google Chrome


Netflix is ​​one of the most used and loved VOD services by users. Its entertainment proposal is very wide and it is difficult not to find something that you like to see in the premiere or that you want to remember. In addition, the offer is very varied both in films of all genres, documentaries and series for all types of audiences. But if you see it from Google Chrome we are going to show you how to skip the introductions from the Google browser.

How to skip Netflix intros automatically in Chrome

One of the things Netflix has hit for the user experience is the ability to skip introductory and ending parts of the chapter. It is also capable of skipping summaries in case you are looking to go directly to the chapter. But if you use the VOD service from your computer you have to try this method so that skipping these parts is automatic.

If you don’t want to move a muscle to hit the intro skip button, we have the answer: use a Google Chrome extension. Its name is Auto Skip Intro for Prime and Netflix and you just have to install it in your browser to start using it. In fact, you don’t have to do anything else, since the application itself will take care of automatically skipping the final fragments to the episode (those where the credits of the series you are watching appear).

The good thing is that it also takes away the summaries of the chapter you just watched and goes directly to the content of the new one. In this way, you don’t waste time looking for where the new chapter begins and you only dedicate yourself to watching the series that has hooked you with hardly any stops.

Other tricks you should know about Netflix
Now that you know how to skip Netflix intros from Google Chrome, you will surely want to know some more detail that improves your experience. As a user of the service it may seem that everything comes down to choosing a series from the catalog and watching it, but there are more things you should know. For example, you can access a hidden catalog with a trick that we have taught you a long time ago, but that you must know to make the most of the experience of this service.


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