How to sign up for the ‘Xbox Insider’ program


Xbox console owners have access to a variety of services and programs, including Xbox Insider. Among the main advantages of this offer is the possibility of accessing several new features even before they are made available to other members of the community.

If you are interested in participating in the program to contribute with suggestions and opinions about future features of the console, check out the step by step below.

How to sign up for the ‘Xbox Insider’ program

1. To sign up for Xbox Insider, simply access the Microsoft Store on your console at Home or through the dashboard. If it does not appear, scroll down until you find the option Add more and select the Microsoft Store block, completing the selection of Add to Home to facilitate future processes that depend on it;
2. In the next step, you must select the Search option, typing Insider in the box that appears next. Select Xbox Insider package and then Get or Install to get Xbox Insider Hub;


3. Once inside the app, look for the Join option and click on it to start enjoying the benefits.
Understanding Xbox Insider
Within Xbox Insider, players are divided into five different groups, according to the amount of experience gained (or if other conditions are met). Get to know each one of them below:

Omega: everyone starts here, and it will basically allow you to receive updates just before they are made available to the community;

Delta: After a month of participating in the program and having achieved at least level 2 (just like in a video game), you will receive updates before all players and, in some cases, you can even participate in some tests before those in the Beta and Alpha categories;

Beta: for this category you must have been registered with Xbox Insider for at least three and have reached level five, ensuring that you have access to the news shortly after those who are in the Alpha block;

Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead: these modalities are only accessible to invited people, and no longer depend so much on your level or time of participation.


Evolving in the program

If at this point you are wondering what you need to do to level up, it’s simple: just go to the Activities tab to access a series of surveys with multiple-choice questions that, when answered, offer a small amount of experience .

Another way to get experience and complete the program tutorial, which brings only two questions and offers 10 points when completed (provided that you also answer the questions that will be asked, of course). The other questionnaires mentioned offer 5 XP points, so just complete the tutorial and answer two of the other series of questions to reach the Delta level – which only requires 20 XP points to unlock.

Another important detail: you do not automatically jump to the next level. Instead, the program system makes this action available for you to switch between unlocked options yourself – just click on Preview, then on Xbox Update and then open the Info menu and select Manage to choose between Omega , Delta, Beta, or Alpha.


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