How to show your status offline in League of Legends


There is nothing wrong with appearing offline in any game setting. Sometimes you just don’t feel like playing a game with friends, and you want to work alone for a while so that no one accuses you of standing in line with them.

The “appear offline” feature has been built into several popular platforms, including Steam, Discord, and others. Unfortunately for Riot Games fans, it is not officially included in the clients for either League of Legends or VALORANT.

For those who want to get into the Rift without their friends finding out, there are several workarounds that may work.

Deceive your friends with the Deception program
An external program called Deceive, which you can download from Github, seems to be the best option to appear offline. The program actually filters your “global presence”, which means you can still chat while playing games, but you won’t show up online. You can still see your friends list, so if you’re trying to avoid a certain player, you can invite others to your lobby.

To install, go to the Deceive page on Github and download the latest version from the Releases section. Upload the file Deceive.exe and make sure that the League of Legends client and the Riot client are closed when you open it.

When the League opens, you will see a new category in your “Social Networks” column called “Cheating”, in which there will be one friend named “Cheating is active!” This is just an indicator that the cheating program is enabled and active. If you want to enable or disable cheating or change your status between “Online”, “Offline” or “Mobile”, you can do this by right-clicking the “Cheating” icon in the icon area on the Windows taskbar.