How To Share All Your Passwords With One Simple Link


Simple Link: Internet services that help you generate passwords are almost essential. Today there are many who put any password that are easily hacked. Luckily you can have these apps at hand and even pass a password or several with a simple link with this trick that we are going to teach you next.

So you can share your passwords with a simple link

Throughout the day you may enter various sites on the Internet where they ask you for two things: username and password. This is the most common in all services that require identification since they have your data that can be private from a space in the cloud to your bank account number. Luckily, if you have a service that generates passwords for you, it is most likely that they are safe.

But sometimes you will need to have them on hand, or simply share them with someone you trust to do you a one-time favor. Theirs is to rummage through the application in question until you find the one you need, copy it and pass it. But this is an arduous task that you can get rid of using encrypted password apps.

The clearest example is in 1Password, an application that has a permission function to give a person access to your password as much as you want. This function is the most interesting since you will not only share a password but it also saves your security in two aspects. The first is that even if you do not use the application, it will always verify the user with a two-step verification system. The second aspect has to do with the second step and that is that the authorized person will not know what the password is since it will not be revealed at any time.

To do so, you just have to follow the following steps if you are a user of the app:

Go to 1Password
Select the service
Go to options
Select share
Choose the permits and their duration
Write those who will have access

Afterwards, a verification message will arrive to all the users you have invited, who will open your session as many times as they want, but at no time will they know what the real password is. By allowing a time limit you will be sure that they will not use your session more days than allowed, something that also provides security.


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