How To Set Up Alexa Simply


Alexa: Virtual assistants are increasingly present in our daily lives, participating from performing simple tasks to integrating smart electronic devices in an automated home. One of the most popular models is Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, available on the company’s Echo line devices.

Step by step

1. Open the “Amazon Alexa” app on your smartphone.

The app is available for free for iOS and Android users.

2. Go to the “Devices” page. Tap the “+” in the top right corner of the screen.

3. In the “+” option, click on “Add device”.

4. Choose the “Amazon Echo” option.

On this page, all the options for devices compatible with the application will appear, such as smart lamps, switches, cameras, among others.

5. On the next page, select the “Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and more” option.

6. The app will ask if the device is in setup mode — which has an orange light — tap “Yes”.

Setup mode is automatically activated as soon as the device is plugged in for the first time. In case of a reset to factory settings, it is necessary to press the action button, holding it for 25 seconds.

7. Allow access to the location and turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

8. Click on the device name as it appears and continue the process.

9. Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password.

10. Alexa will connect in a few seconds.


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