How to set DNS settings on Samsung phones?


Here is the question of Samsung phone users “How to make DNS settings on Samsung phones?” answer to the question…


Various websites are visited by millions of people every day. DNS, which is like a phone book, keeps the IP addresses on these sites. When you want to change the DNS settings on your Samsung phone for various reasons, the first question that comes to mind is “How to make Samsung phone DNS settings?” is happening.

Changing the DNS settings on your smartphone can improve your online privacy, security and browsing speed. In addition to these, we need to change the DNS settings for other reasons. However, not knowing how to do this can be difficult for you. In this article, Samsung phone users wonder “How to make DNS settings on Samsung phones?” We answer the question.

What is DNS?

“Domain Name Server”, known as DNS today, works like a directory of your internet. When you enter the URL of a website in your browser, it must be translated to the IP address of the site to send and receive data. DNS is known as the equivalent of the internet directory that provides an IP address for a given URL.

How to set DNS on Samsung phones?

  • First, tap Settings from the home screen.
  • Select the Connections option.
  • Tap the settings icon next to the network you are connected to.
  • Select the Advanced option at the bottom.
  • If your IP settings are in DHCP, you need to switch it to Static.
  • Once changed, the menu appears with DNS settings that you can edit. Don’t worry about editing the IP address as the device will fill in the IP address it got via DHCP.
  • Add the IP addresses of the websites you want to enter (such as or to the DNS 1 and DNS 2 entries that appear.
  • Finally, save your settings.

Why are DNS settings being changed?

There are many different reasons to change DNS settings. The first reason for this is a faster internet usage. In this way, people can access the internet faster. The other reason is not being able to enter the desired website due to the obstacles caused by DNS.

At the same time, DNS settings are changed by users who want to ensure data security. You can protect your data information on the sites you want to enter by changing the DNS settings. Regardless of the reason you want to change the DNS settings, your device may remain vulnerable after changing the settings. For this, you need to keep the security of your device very high.

Current DNS addresses!

  • Google DNS ( –
  • Cloudflare DNS ( –
  • Level3 DNS ( –
  • Open DNS ( –
  • Verisign ( –
  • DNS Watch ( –
  • Comodo Secure DNS ( –
  • Quad DNS ( –
  • Safe DNS ( –
  • Dyn DNS ( –
  • Alternate DNS ( –


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