How to set an alarm in Windows 10


Windows 10 comes with included applications that make it easier for you to use your computer. It is true that it has some third parties depending on the model of the machine, but it also brings others of the system dedicated to simple functions such as the calculator, for example. But one of the most recurrent is the system clock which hides an alarm function for Windows 10 that you should know.

Set an alarm in Windows 10 with this trick

You may not have even realized that it is even there and it is the Windows 10 clock. But no, we know very well that you know where the function is, but that it also has a dedicated application from which you can do much more than set the computer you are working from. And you may not know it, but you can set an alarm in Windows 10 without installing a simple application.

Just by entering the search engine you will have access to the Alarms and clock function that comes by default on the PC. As with other electronic devices, this application has many functions beyond the typical time and one of them is to set an alarm. To do this you must follow the following steps. We ignore the fact that you have found the app because we have told you before so we start from there:

  • Click on Alarm
  • At the bottom click on the + button
  • Choose the digits of the hour, the name and the repetitions
  • You can modify the tone and how many minutes it has to delay
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Then you just have to wait for the appointed time to do the same, which is to notify you of a specific time.

Why is the alarm not working?

There is one thing you should know when handling the Windows 10 alarm and that is that it may never go off. This can be curious, since it is logical that the warning goes off when it arrives at the indicated hour and minute. But this has a reason and you will have seen it in the photo above. Indeed, Windows considers that any type of warning, including the clock, is a notification, so if you have them disabled it is likely that you will not miss any of the ones that you have activated in the long list you have for each attempt made.


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