How to send WhatsApp messages without adding a contact on iOS


WhatsApp: The usual way to talk to someone on WhatsApp is to ask for their phone number, put it in the phone book and open the messaging app. But there are several alternative ways to avoid this.

And if you need to send a message to a person who is not your regular contact, and / or you do not want to register it in your calendar, we will tell you several ways, from a URL trick to installing apps.

Through a URL, this trick works that easily, which you can also use on Android, iOS and even with WhatsApp Web and always legally, since you use an official WhatsApp tool, and therefore you will not have to go with the fear of “to see if they will suspend my account …”. Do this:

Open a web browser on your mobile, the one you want
Write this as a URL as is:
Now you must make some changes in the final part: The capital 2 P must be changed to the country code to which the phone number that you do not have in your agenda and with which you want to contact belongs -if it is a number from Spain, you must use 3. 4.
The final 9 N must be exchanged for the mobile number you are going to contact, which will also be 9 digits.
Once you have these changes made, press and hold on that URL to copy it. And now, press enter if you want to use the same mobile browser that you have opened, or copy it to another of your choice.
If you are on a PC, the same, and so you access by WhatsApp Web.
When you open the URL, you will see that a web is loaded. This site is owned by WhatsApp, and the first thing it will ask you is if you want to start the chat with that number you have entered.
If you say yes, if you are on your mobile, the WhatsApp app will open immediately – if you are on PC, WhatsApp Web will open
And you already have a direct line with that number that you do not have saved in your agenda. At the end of the chat, you will continue to have it in the app, and you will be able to talk to that contact whenever you need it, without having to have it in your agenda.


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