How to send voicemail on WhatsApp with Google Assistant


As reported here on TecMundo, Google Assistant completed three years of conversation in Brazilian Portuguese on the 17th of July. In celebration of the anniversary, Brazilian users ended up with a new feature: the sending of voice messages via WhatsApp on Android.

Currently, Brazil is the third country in number of active users in the assistant, which had already provided some interactions by voice commands with WhatsApp, such as the possibility of listening to the latest messages, playing audios and making calls. For now, sending voice messages is restricted to Android devices. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1

Open the Google Assistant with the traditional “Ok Google” and add “send an audio message on WhatsApp to (name of destination contact)”. You can advance the subject by saying “send an audio message on WhatsApp to (name of the destination contact) saying (content of the message). Take the opportunity to check if the contact was selected correctly.

Step 2

If you have already “advanced” the content of the conversation, in this step you check if the message is exactly as you want it to be transmitted. If you haven’t said the message yet (as in the example above), now is the time to record it. That done, say “Confirm”, or “Change” if the message is not ok.

Step 3

Ready! The Google Assistant will display this shipping confirmation screen. If you are one of those suspicious people, tap the “Open WhatsApp” button to check if the message was really sent. But we can guarantee that it was.

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Finally, it’s important to note that if you don’t specify the word “WhatsApp” in your command, Google Assistant will most likely direct you to a regular phone call.

You can also make things easier for the assistant (and faster for you) if you add a nickname to contacts you call more often. This way, Google Assistant won’t be confused if you have an army of “Joseph” on your calendar.

There was a peculiar case in the United States in which the Google Assistant operator had a husband named Marcel, whose mother was named Marcelle. When she asked the assistant to speak to her husband, she often ended up talking to her mother-in-law.


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