How To Send Stickers And GIFs On WhatsApp Web Or Mobile


WhatsApp allows its users to interact in various ways in their conversations. In addition to text and voice messages, there is also the possibility to respond to chats in a more fun way using stickers or even GIFs.

The system in question can be used in both the mobile device application and the desktop version (WhatsApp Web). Here’s a quick guide to including these drawings in your conversations.

How to send stickers and GIFs on WhatsApp Web or mobile
The first step in adding a picture is to select which conversation you want it to appear in. To do this, look at your recent chats (or start a new one) and tap it to choose it;

At the bottom of the screen, just above the keyboard, look at the existing icons to use the default pictures. To expand the options, tap the icon that has a happy face in the field where you type the message (image above);

Next, you’ll have some emoji options to send to your contacts. Note that on the bottom bar you will have an entry for GIFs and, on the right side, the icons for the stickers you have installed on your smartphone (image above);

It is worth mentioning that you can either select your favorite images by selecting the star icon that is in the bar above the drawings or separate them by emotions by touching the heart icon.
Speaking of WhatsApp, did you see that an update is under development that will make it work independently on computers, without the need to connect your smartphone to the WhatsApp Web system? With this, the company hopes to become an even bigger service and detach itself a little from the idea of ​​messaging service.

Still thinking about improvements to the chat app, there are reports that it may receive a system for sending temporary messages (ie, they will only be visible for a certain period of time), and there has also been a change in the privacy policy service in mid-May.

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