How to send photos and videos to the highest quality by WhatsApp


WhatsApp: At the beginning, WhatsApp only allowed you to send messages. But little by little the app was expanding its range of functionalities. And nowadays sending multimedia files, be it photos that we have in the phone’s gallery, freshly made with the function that opens access to the camera, downloaded images or videos, is common.

Send photos and videos without losing quality

And it is that fast, it is comfortable, and every day almost 4,500 million photos are sent by WhatsApp. But it has a drawback: they cannot be shared in their original resolution and therefore the image / photo or video sent loses quality. It does not matter if it is a 5 megabyte photo or an HD video, the file must be compressed to a standard to send it through your service.

Is there a way to change this? Well yes. In fact we have two methods:

Through the Uploaded Photo Quality function

Before, WhatsApp allowed you to choose between two options when sending a photo or video: “Automatic (recommended)” and “Data saving”. The downside to choosing the former while on a weak cellular or Wi-Fi connection is that the app can automatically compress the media and lose considerable details in the process.

But for a couple of months, media such as WABetaInfo reported a third option that has been in testing for several weeks, but that suddenly we have found it using the normal version of WhatsApp, which indicates that the company has begun to distribute it massively.

Basically, the “Better quality” option will allow you to adjust the image or video that you send to high quality, ideal when you want to make sure that those files will not lose quality. But if you send them when you are using 4G, they will consume more than if you have the ‘Best Quality’ option disabled.

To activate it

Open the WhatsApp options menu (the icon with the 3 vertical dots at the top right)
Find Settings and enter
Scroll down to Storage and Data and enter
In this new screen, look for the Multimedia Upload Quality option below, and it will appear to adjust the quality of the photos
Choose ‘Best Quality’.


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