How to Select the Right Insurance CRM Software



If you are an insurance agent or broker and you are managing your business contacts using a spreadsheet or your email platform, it may be time to upgrade to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

A spreadsheet may work just fine when you are getting started, but as your client list grows, you are going to need something that will keep you organized and also scale along with you.

The right CRM software is going to improve your efficiency dramatically as it will keep
track of all relevant customer information, such as:

● Name

● Contact information

● Family members

● Pre-existing conditions

● Long-term goals

● Policy renewal dates

● Contact notes

Choosing the best CRM software for insurance agents can be a daunting task as there
are many, many options available. It can also seem expensive but remember that the
right CRM solution should pay for itself in time and energy saved.

Before You Start

Before you even start looking at software options, you should ask yourself the following

● What features do you need/want?

● What are the most/least important features?

● Where are the pain points in your current process?

● What else are you looking to improve?

The Search Begins

Once you have answered the questions above, your next step in the search for the right
CRM software should be researched. The internet will be a great resource to research
various Insurance CRM software options – check out articles, customer reviews, and
software comparisons.

Don’t just rely on the internet – ask other insurance agents and brokers about the
software that they use – ask them what they like about it and what doesn’t work for
them. Ask about the software support experience too. Most CRM software for insurance
agents offers fantastic features, but they won’t do you much good if they don’t provide
enough support when you need it.

Be sure to think about integrations too – do you need your CRM software to integrate
with any other programs? If so, make sure the software you choose is going to integrate

Keep in mind, if you can’t find a software that is right for you, you could always consider
having a custom CRM system built. This can present a higher upfront cost, but it could
easily pay for itself if it makes your processes more efficient. Plus you won’t have to pay
the ongoing costs that come with out-of-the-box CRM systems.

Once you are done with your research, you should have narrowed down the choices to
a list of 4-5 options. Now you are ready to start checking them out in more detail by
scheduling some demos.

Demos are a very important part of this process – contact each of your top choices and
schedule a time for a sales rep to demonstrate the CRM software for you. Be sure to
take notes so you can easily compare the options, and don’t forget to ask for a quote.
After completing demos and receiving quotes, you should be ready to narrow down to
the top 2 choices.

Choosing the Winner

After you complete the steps listed above, you should be more than ready to choose the
best fit for your needs. Take your time, list out all the pros and cons of both of your top
choices. Compare pricing with features, support, reviews, ease of use, and any other
aspects that are important to you; this should make it easy for you to make your

Hopefully this article has provided useful information about choosing the right insurance
CRM software – good luck!


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