How To See What Ikea Furniture Is Like At Home Before You Buy It: Ikea Place


Ikea: There are those who love to go to the Ikea, get lost in those gigantic surfaces and spend the whole day there. But there are those who need to buy a piece of furniture but either cannot or do not want to expose themselves to what it means to be inside a store of the well-known chain in the current crisis of the Coronavirus. If it’s your situation, you can always use Ikea Place.

Ikea Place app

What is Ikea Place? It is an application that allows 3D models of the Swedish giant’s products to be displayed on a smartphone screen. How does this AR applied to Ikea work? Well, more or less like Tony Stark’s house in the Iron Man movies, but more in a version for everyone: go to the place of the house you want to furnish, point your mobile at the empty space and thanks to the AR you will see on the screen of your mobile how is the Melodi lamp, the Lack table or the Poäng armchair.

You can also focus on a table and see how the Förnuft cutlery looks on it. The virtual furniture that appears on the mobile screen is scaled as close as possible to the dimension of its real size, and also maintains the color and the material to give us the most exact image possible.

After installing the app, opening it will also open the mobile camera as we can see. Now it is enough to start looking for the object or furniture that we want to see, from how a sofa would look to an office chair, a trash can or a wall shelf. The app gives us to choose from a huge catalog of thousands of pieces between furniture and objects, and also allows us to take a photo of an item that we like and check if Ikea has it in its catalog, or if it has something similar in appearance.

And gives you advice

In case its very useful AR function was not enough, Ikea Place also has a function for the use of Artificial Intelligence in the most current mobiles that also gives you advice and guidance. Using AI learning, the application combines data with the context that it is observing – putting a bed in a room, an armchair in the living room, a closet in the kitchen – and the way we would like it to be. With all this, Ikea Place gives you suggestions and helps to solve any problem that the new furniture you want to place causes.

And in addition, the app’s scanner has been updated so that, when pointing the mobile camera at a piece of furniture that we have seen in the office, a friend’s house, a waiting room or in the middle of a shop window, it tells you if it belongs to Ikea and exactly what model it is.

Ikea Place is now available to download in the Google Play Store, but beware, when using the recent ARCore technology we must have a compatible smartphone. In this link to the official website you have the huge list of compatible Android and iOS devices.