How To See The Notes That Uber Drivers Leave On You


Uber: If there is one thing Internet users pay attention to, it is opinions. If you are going to buy a product, you may want to take a look to see what other users of the Network think, or what they say about a service that you may want to hire. Well, in Uber the same thing happens and if you are one of the passengers you can finally see the notes that the drivers leave about you.

Uber drivers also think about you

One of the things Uber lets you do is give a review of the trip you’ve had. As a customer of the service you have the right to put a note on the way the driver has taken you, but the curious thing and you may not know, is that the drivers also value you.

And it is that in the end they are the ones who take you and those who are working, so this can help other drivers to know what kind of person they have in the passenger compartment. Of course, this is just an opinion, but it can certainly help the workers themselves to do their jobs.

“By offering more transparency and easier access to your data, we hope this will give you everything you need to have a 5-star experience on every trip,” the company said on its blog.

How you can see your ratings on Uber

The practice that drivers value your stay with them has been around for a long time. However, there was no such direct way to do it as now, since to have this data you had to request a report from the company and that meant getting in touch so that said report would arrive.

From now on this is much simpler if possible thanks to the fact that you can see it from the privacy section of the application. In Travel you will have an option dedicated to notes, which you can check on your own.

If you have good grades, the drivers will surely want to stop to pick you up, and if this is not the case… well, they will surely pick you up, although we recommend that you be good to the driver who takes you in any case.