How To See Spotify Wrapped 2021, The Summary Of Your Most Listened To Songs


Everyone shares their soundtrack of the year and here we tell you how to do it. Now is the time to find out which songs and artists you listened to the most in 2021 with Spotify Wrapped , the feature that summarizes which songs, bands, podcasts and musical genres you have been obsessed with in recent months.

Starting on December 1, Spotify’s personalized summary will show you the song you listened to the most, how many minutes you played music and other data about your consumption habits, which you can share on your social networks and compare them with your friends .

This year, the platform added a template of your “musical aura”, which defines your tastes according to a specific mood , among more curiosities of your year, such as the musical genre that predominates your reproductions, etc.

To see your own Spotify Wrapped 2021 , all you have to do is open the app on your mobile, where a banner will appear in the main section that will say “play”. If you don’t see it, make sure you have the latest update installed.

If you want to share the data on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, you just have to select where it says “share this story”. Who was your most listened to artist?

Top Streamed Artists on Spotify in 2021

According to what was announced by the streaming platform itself, Bad Bunny is the most popular singer on Spotify, he is followed by: Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake and Justin Bieber. In addition, the youth artist, Olivia Rodrigo, was recognized for having the most played album, thanks to “SOUR”. Check out the full details below.