How To See On Instagram All The Publications You Have Made In Playback 2021


Instagram: The end of the year 2021 is approaching, a year marked by the return to a normality that is not so normal. But this has not prevented people from sharing everything that has happened over the past 365 days. For many it is a time to take a look back and see all the uploads you have made throughout the year. This procedure may take a few minutes, but Meta wants to make it easy for you when you use the new Playback 2021 function.

Everything you have uploaded on Instagram Stories in one place

Instagram is the favorite app of many who want to upload everything that happens in their lives. Either in short video format or in a simple string of photos that you have taken, you will have all the files placed in chronological order, but it never hurts to have a site to turn to to see everything you have done. anus. This is just what Instagram raises with its new Playback 2021 function.

Those of Meta have deployed a new function that compiles all the stories that you have generated throughout the year and it is possible to review them in chronological order. However, you will have to choose among all those that are available to publish only the 10 most important ones and place them in the Stories part. Of course, this is not an ordinary story, but it will have a special badge that will mark it as part of the 2021 Playback.

You will get a warning the first time the app gives you the possibility to activate it from the start part. Later you can go back to review all the content that the photographic app offers you to create your personalized post with Playback 2021.

How to create your Instagram feed 2021
Open the Instagram app
A See Your 2021 Replay tile should appear at the top of your feed, below Stories.
Select the blue button ‘See playback’ and you will see the 10 stories chosen for you by Instagram.

Choose whether you want to add or remove certain stories or use stickers before clicking Share. In this way, you will publish your most outstanding stories of 2021 in your stories.
If the 2021 replay option hasn’t appeared to you, but you can see other people showing their own highlights, just click on the 2021 sticker that appears in the corner of those stories. Instagram has said that the feature should reach all users by the end of this week.