How To Schedule Tweets On Twitter To Be Published At A Certain Date And Time


Twitter: Launched almost two decades ago, it’s hard to believe that Twitter has been active for so many years, since July 2006, which makes it, along with Facebook, the most active veteran social network currently leading the market. A network that does not look like any other and that in its particularity lies its unique character, such as its operation based on short messages.

Some messages by the way that can be programmed so that they come out not immediately, but when you choose.

How to schedule tweets

Relatively recently, Twitter launched this feature in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. A function that only has one drawback, since it can only be used in the Twitter version of browsers and web pages, so if you use Twitter on your mobile, it is not available at the moment. To schedule a tweet:

Open Twitter on your desktop or laptop
Compose the tweet you want to send later
Select the calendar icon
Choose the hour (and/or minute) and the date (month, day, year) you want to send the tweet
Select “Confirm”
Tap “Schedule.”
And that’s it. You’ve already scheduled a tweet for later.
Twitter will remind you of this fact with a text that will tell you when the tweet is scheduled to be published.