How To Save With The New Electricity Bill ?; These Are The Best Websites


Electricity: We have started the year 2021 with one of the biggest increases in the price and consumption of electricity in our homes. The different conditions of the market together with the cold wave of those first ten days of the year, caused an increase of more than 20% in the next electricity bill to be estimated.

Apps to save light

And today, just June 1 and 6 months later, the receipt of the Light will go up again. In short, the so-called ‘hourly discrimination’ disappears, and now the price of electricity per Kw / hour will be divided into three hourly sections with different rates, already having a direct effect on 11.8 million Spanish consumers.

And although there are many factors that influence the final price of our bill, and it seems that now it will be more difficult to save a little in terms of energy consumption – what a novelty … – the truth is that there are certain applications for mobile phones that can help you save on your electricity bill:

Save on electricity

It is a simple application that is very easy to use and that shows us the price per kWh at each moment of the day so that we can program the use of certain electrical appliances at the time when it costs us the cheapest. In this way, it is enough to have this information to know what is the best time of day to put the dishwasher or washing machine, for example.

Without a doubt, a very simple way to know in advance the cost of electricity and thus be able to act accordingly. In addition, it has a help desk where we can find some tips to save on the electricity bill.

Download Save on light for Android.