How to save (or kill) Chris in a career


The Quarry is the newest game from Supermassive Games, and players have a choice: kill or save Chris Hackett, the owner of Hackett’s Quarry. As the game progresses, players discover that some Hacketts are cursed and turn into werewolves on a full moon as a result of an attempt to free the White Wolf Silas from the Harum Scarum freak show, run by his mother Eliza. Chris’ children helped Silas escape, but his son was bitten in the process, and eventually Chris got infected too. Hacketts from the Quarry, as well as seven counselors, can either be saved or killed throughout the game.

Chris is the second Hackett the players meet in the Career; the first is police officer Travis Hackett, although he is not introduced as a family member until later revealed. Chris is the owner and operator of Hackett’s Quarry, a cabin that serves as an overnight camp in the summer. He is a protected character because he hides a secret: he is infected and turns into a werewolf. At the beginning of the game, Laura and Max meet a transformed Chris, locked in the basement of the house, and this meeting ends with Max getting infected in a Quarry. Most of the story is related to the fact that Laura wanted to kill Chris in order to save Max, so the players will have to make a number of decisions that determine whether Chris will live or die.

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Chris has two main outcomes in his Career: kill Chris and save the camp counselors, or save Chris and doom some counselors to death. To achieve any outcome, players must make important decisions in the events leading up to Chapter 9, when players come face-to-face with the werewolf Chris at the Hackett family home.

How to Save Chris Hackett’s Career

It is impossible to prevent the infection of Chris, since he becomes a werewolf even before the start of the gameplay in The Quarry. However, Chris can be saved if the players make certain decisions in Chapter 9. Saving Chris, other characters will die, including some camp counselors. To save Chris, make the following choice in Chapter 9:

Refuse Laura’s offer to bite Ryan and turn him into a werewolf when he is lying outside on the ground. There are many ways to kill him, and this path will lead to one of Ryan’s deaths in the Quarry. When Laura tells Ryan to shoot Chris the Werewolf, don’t shoot. Laura, Ryan and Chris will find themselves on the ground after falling through the floor at the Hackett family home, and Laura will tell Ryan to shoot Chris, kill him and end the curse for Max and others who may or may not have been bitten. Instead, shoot Laura and save Chris. As a result, the werewolf Chris Hackett kills Ryan.

How to Kill Chris Hackett in a Career

The only opportunity the player gets to kill Chris Hackett in his Career is to get Ryan to shoot him with a shotgun when Laura tells him to. It’s the same scene in Chapter 9 where the players can save him, and Laura and Ryan die instead. When Laura turns into a werewolf, point the shotgun at Chris and shoot to kill. If players are unhappy with their first playthrough, there are reasons to replay The Quarry after passing.