How to retune TV channels after changing DTT frequencies


Preparing and adapting the equipment in a building is something that must be done by qualified technicians and companies. But ultimately, you may have to manually retune your TV channels if you watch it on DTT -if you use a service such as Movistar +, Vodafone TV, MiTele or similar, it is not necessary- after the technological blackout of today, last day 1 or next October 14.

But be careful: Only if you have stopped watching some channels that you did watch before. If you still have them all as before, you don’t need it.

This is the same thing that we have been doing all our lives: It is about looking in the options of your television for the Installation or Configuration function, and within this the Search for Channels or Tune New Channels. Each TV of each brand is different, so if you are not sure how to do it, we suggest you look on the Internet for the instruction manual of your TV if you do not have it handy. Here we put several ways according to the system / brand.

Tune in to DTT channels in general

  1. Turn on the television and, if applicable, also the DTT receiver and press the MENU key on your remote control
  2. Different options will appear on the TV screen depending on the model.
  3. Scroll through the screen using the arrow buttons until you reach the INSTALLATION option (in some models you can find alternative names such as CONFIGURATION, etc.)
  4. Then press the OK key. At this time new options will appear. Position yourself using the arrow-shaped buttons on the so-called CHANNEL SEARCH or similar and press the OK key
  5. If at any time you make a mistake when selecting an option, you can go back or start the process again by pressing the corresponding key according to the model of your receiver
  6. Wait until the receiver finds all channels and indicates that the search is complete.
  7. Press the key indicated on the screen to exit (OK or another) and you will start watching the DTT channels


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