How to Restore your iPhone PIN code?


You turn on the iPhone and enter the code to unlock it. You get the screen that the password is wrong.  You put it back in, and the same thing comes out.

At that moment you doubt and panic assails you, because you are absolutely sure that this code is the correct one, the one you use daily. That is the second worst scenario in the world of mobile telephony, not knowing why the code does not work, not remembering the correct one, etc.

And the worst scenario is to have entered a key wrong several times and the terminal is deactivated. In the case of Apple iPhones, if this happens to you, there is a way to restore the code:

First scenario: Make a backup

To begin with, and unless one is the protagonist of Mr. Robot or Lisbeth Salander, there is no other way to recover the mobile than by erasing everything that was in the terminal first. But before you start crying thinking about EVERYTHING you are going to lose – photos, videos, apps, security settings, etc – there is a window of hope.

Before forgetting the code, you have synchronized the iPhone with iTunes on your PC even once, you can use that computer to make a backup, restore the mobile by deleting everything and then install the backup:

  • Connect the device to the computer with which you have synchronized.
  • Open iTunes. If you are prompted for a code, try another computer that you synchronized with or use recovery mode.
  • Wait for iTunes to sync the device and make a backup.
  • After the sync and backup are complete, click Restore [device].
  • When you get to the settings screen while restoring the iOS device, tap Restore iTunes Backup.
  • Select the device in iTunes. Find the one you just made and install it.
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