How to restore Google Play Store connection


One of the most annoying things is being offline. Today this is difficult because there is coverage in a large part of the Spanish territory, although that of the arrival of 5G is another story. But when it comes to having the connection, there are times that not everything depends on you, something that you will know first-hand if you are an Android user. Surely you have run into a ‘connection error’ when entering the Google Play Store, a problem that persists to this day. That is why we help you solve it.

Why your mobile does not connect with the Google Play Store

It may seem strange in the middle of 2021 that Google has connection problems with its servers. This is very normal, and what you should know is that you have many ways to recover that connection with the Play Store in case of losing it. Sometimes they are details that you have not taken into account or that you did not know. Some are very classic and we will condense them below, but there are more specific tricks.

Check the characteristics of your mobile

Let’s start from the basics to restore the connection to the Google Play Store, which is to take a look at your terminal. What could have happened? Check that you have an Internet connection, which may seem very obvious, but if the connection drops both data and WiFi you will have to wait a while or change the network. Take into account the space of your mobile, since if it is full the applications will not work well, and the operating system, because it is very old, it is most likely that it will not let you enter or install anything.

Other advanced tricks

Let’s keep taking a look at how to restore the Google Play Store connection on your mobile. One of the most common procedures is to clear the application cache. To do this you must follow the path of Settings> Applications and notifications> Google Play Store. Here you will have the option to delete this very important part and that will make all the files load faster, but that can crash your device.

The other option is very simple and consists of restarting the session with your Google account on the phone. The process will only take a few minutes, but it can help you fix the problem once and for all.


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