How to Resize İcons İn Windows 10


Windows 10 desktop is the starting point for every user who operates a PC. Here you will find, or at least it should be, everything that each person needs to work or uses regularly. With this we have to talk about the icons, those little graphics that show direct access to a route that in itself would be difficult to access. But not all users have the same needs regarding them and if you want clarity or space on the screen we teach you how to change the size of the icons in Windows 10.

More vision or more space
The first thing you have to do before changing the size of the icons is to know what purpose you have for it. It may seem somewhat implausible, but there are factors that determine the use of more or less large graphics. You must take into account the resolution of your screen and, of course, your needs when locating a program or file.

With this in mind, check the size of your screen and in the settings find the resolution of this. This is important for two reasons: the first is the viewing quality since the higher the resolution the better the reproduced objects will be. The second is about the space of the desk itself. It makes sense that the higher resolution you have, the more space you’ll have on your desktop. Simple, right?

How to resize icons in Windows 10
We move on to the really simple thing, which is to change the size of the Windows 10 icons. There are two simple methods to do so, which we can classify between automatic and manual mode. The first is to follow a very simple route starting from the Windows 10 desktop:

Right click on an empty part of the desktop

Select the View section

Small, large or medium icons will appear

Now you just have to choose one of the options and they will increase in size depending on what the user needs.

The manual way to resize icons in Windows 10 is as simple as pressing the Ctrl key while moving the mouse wheel up or down. The first will increase the size, the second will reduce it at will while you see how the changes are executed on the screen. This is the most accurate method, so it is the one that we will recommend so you can see how the changes are.


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