How to request a return on the Google Play Store


In the Google Play Store there are countless free content that you can download and update at no cost. But there is also the possibility of paying for certain applications as well as services within these, such as the famous microgram shares. But it is possible that you have regretted buying something or simply the payment made was not with your consent, reasons why you can request a refund from Google. If you’ve never made one, today is your lucky day.

How to request a refund from Google from your smartphone

Shopping online is the most common today. Surely you have done any of these at some point to get an item you wanted, but it may also be that this has not met your expectations. In that case, if you still meet the return conditions, you may still be able to request a refund from the company that sold it to you. This also happens in software companies and that is why we teach you to deal with one of them.

The trick that we propose today is to request a refund from Google Play, a procedure that you can follow if you meet a series of requirements. The first of them is to send a request within 48 days, although if the payment has been made in less than 48 hours it is possible to contact the developer and they will refund the money. If this is not the case, follow these steps:

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Select the application from which you request the refund
  • You will have two options: Refund and open
  • Click on the first option and you will receive your money back
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Before the transaction is made you will have to put the reasons why you request the return, something that is solved by putting a couple of lines or not. The choice is yours. Of course, say goodbye to the application. In the case of making a microtransaction it is possible that the application itself has a system to make a refund of this although you can also contact the customer service to solve it.


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