How to remove the beta version of iOS 16 from your iPhone (two ways)


Although the preliminary versions of iOS 16 Beta contain significant changes and new features, they may not be suitable for all users. Recall that Apple released a beta version of iOS 16 last month after demonstrating the operating system at the World Developers Conference 2022. So far, the Cupertino tech giant has released three beta versions of iOS 16. In the first version of iOS 16 Beta, Apple introduced a lock screen preset, a feature that has been missing from the iPhone since their introduction.

In the second beta, the company implemented the ability to back up iPhone data to cellular data, as several users already have access to 5G data services, which are faster than most Wi-Fi connections. The most beta version comes with a shared iCloud library. A feature announced at the 2022 World Developers Conference.

It is very easy to remove the beta version of iOS 16 and return to the latest stable version of iOS released by Apple. As mentioned on the Apple support page, the easiest way to remove the beta version of iOS 16 is to delete the beta profile created by users and install the next stable version of iOS. However, the only drawback of this method is that users may need to use the beta version of iOS 16 on their devices for a while. Apple mentions that users can download an update already available, but “the iOS or iPadOS version must be later than the version” that users already have. If users don’t want to wait and immediately uninstall the iOS 16 beta, they should follow the steps below.

How to install the public beta version of iOS 16 and try out new iPhone features

Apple notes that all data reserved when using the beta version will not be available after restoring an older version of iOS. Therefore, if users have been testing the beta version of iOS for several days, there is a high probability that they will not be able to restore data from a backup during this time until iOS 16 becomes available to everyone. That is why it is not recommended for all users to download and install the latest beta version of iOS. As a rule, regular users are not recommended to download the beta version of iOS 16 on their main Apple device.


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