How to Remove SIM Card and Sim Card on iPhone


While the iPhone 14 may have gotten rid of them for the US, removing the SIM card on the iPhone is still a problem worldwide.

Do you want to remove the SIM card from your iPhone? Well, just like we did a few weeks ago. This is really easy to do, but if you are using an iPhone 14 or higher and are in the US, you will now use “eSIM”.

This means you won’t have to face the difficulties of finding a pin or dropping something so excruciatingly small.

However, it still applies to the range 13 and below, so if you give away your old phone or upgrade it, here’s how to remove the SIM card from the iPhone.

How to remove an iPhone SIM card

If you still have the box and all the parts that were in it, take a look at it now. Hopefully there’s still a metal pin in the phone. If not, find a small pin of equivalent size.

Take it and press it right against the small hole on the left side of the phone.

After pressing hard, the SIM card tray will slide out. Be sure to do this above the surface, in case the tray crashes. You don’t want to lose your SIM card.

Once this is done, you will have an iPhone without a network, ready to format, sell or transfer.

How to remove eSIM on iPhone

Although they no longer come with SIM card trays, the eSIM is much easier to extract. All you have to do is go to “Settings”, then “Mobile Data”. Find your plan attached to the eSIM and click “Remove eSIM”.

Of course, after it is deleted, you will need to contact your provider to get it back if you don’t have the information yet.

Looking for an experience without a SIM card? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to iPhone 14. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of Pro and Pro Max, but maybe you need a regular iPhone 14.


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