How To Remove Objects From Photos Using or Samsung Galaxy


Samsung Galaxy: Have you ever taken a photo that could have been wonderful if it hadn’t had that element in the background getting in the way? One solution to solve the problem would be to use an external application and delete it. However, so that people who use the Galaxy smartphone do not have to resort to apps or websites, Samsung has released an update that brings the function of removing objects from photos within the gallery editor.

Despite not having listed which cell phone models have the functionality, the manufacturer recommended that an update be made with the latest version of the software to see if this is your case. Want to know how to remove object from photos using Samsung Galaxy? See our tutorial explaining everything from the beginning.

How to update the software

Upgrading to the latest version of the system is not difficult. Check it step by step:

Access the “Settings” or “Config.” application. It is worth mentioning that some names may vary from model to model, but the essence remains the same;
Scroll down and select “Software Update”;
Click on “Download and Install”;
Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
If you prefer, leave the option “Automatic download via Wi-Fi” enabled. Thus, the smartphone will ask to download new software editions whenever it is connected to a wireless network.

How to activate the function of erasing elements (object eraser)

Samsung named the removal tool “Object Eraser”. So that you don’t get confused and, also, to stay in line with the manufacturer, we’re going to continue with that name.

Despite the nickname, the feature also manages to remove larger elements from the photographs, such as people. However, it is off by default. Understand how to turn it on:

Open the gallery and select a photo;
Click on the pencil that appears in the bottom bar;
Press the “More” option, which are the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen;
Choose “Labs”, which should be next to a small orange circle with an N in the middle;
Activate the Object Eraser.

How to remove objects from photos on Galaxy smartphone

After activating the function, it will appear in the photo editing menu. Learn how to use it:

In the gallery, select a photo where you would like to delete an element;
Tap the eraser icon, which is a small image overlaid with an eraser. It will appear further to the right in the bottom bar of the app, next to the text tool;
Double-click or circle the element you want to discard. The feature will draw a border around the object automatically;
Press “Remove”. A reminder: don’t forget to save changes before exiting the editor, ok?

Anyone who uses a Galaxy smartphone already knows: no more suffering looking for applications to erase those unwanted objects in the photo! Just follow our tutorial and use Samsung’s own tool to edit the image. So you can leave it the way you imagined it.