How To Remove Notifications From Windows 10 Mail


Windows 10: One of the applications that is not lacking on a computer or mobile phone is mail. This is a client that will help you carry your mail application without having to enter the Internet browser. You just have to configure it and in a matter of minutes you will have all the inbox, the outbox and all your folders organized. If you do not receive many emails per day, you may not be bothered by the incoming notifications, but if this is not the case, we will teach you how to remove the notifications from Windows 10 Mail.

Goodbye to Windows 10 Mail notifications

Your email client is one of the most important applications you can have. Already on your smartphone or computer you will have all the emails organized, which is an advance in terms of productivity. However, to be productive you do not need so many distractions beyond the most common notifications of arrival of emails and that is why it is necessary to remove the notifications that divert your attention so much.

For this reason, there may come a time when you have to turn off Windows 10 Mail notifications. There are several ways, and one of them is to delete Windows 10 notifications. This is simple since you have to go through the following steps :

Go to Settings
Enter System
In the Notifications and actions section click on Deactivated
Now you will not receive any notification on your computer, but if that is not what you want and you are looking for something more specific, you can follow these steps that we recommend to remove only and exclusively notifications from Windows 10 Mail:

Enter Mail
Select Settings
Enter Notifications
Select account
Check the checkbox next to Show a notification banner
From now on you will work much calmer without the constant alerts with Windows 10 notifications. Of course, we recommend that even if you do not have these active notifications you take a look from time to time in order not to miss anything important that could harm you at the time of work.


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