How to remove notifications from Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge has grown a lot in the past seven months. It seems that the integration of Chromium to your software has helped you make up for lost time, as it is now the fastest and most reliable browser. But that does not mean that we are talking about Microsoft, which is known for activating functions without you knowing it until you find out by the media even about its existence. And this is one of those situations where we tell you how to eliminate Edge notifications.

Even if they are inactive you can receive notifications in Edge

By default, Microsoft Edge and any web browsing application has notifications turned on. It is this feature that alerts you to news on the websites you visit and that if you neglect also appear in your operating system if activated. But it seems that Microsoft has done its thing and according to SlashGear, those of Redmond have activated Edge notifications.

But be careful, this is not such that we tell you. By default, all notifications are turned off, but according to the signature itself, their activation will be automatic depending on whether the data they provide is valuable to you.

How to remove notifications from Microsoft Edge

We got to the interesting point. As we told you, notifications by microsoft Edge will be disabled by default, but if you find any that you have not enabled, you have a way to eliminate them from both the operating system and the navigation software. All you have to do is go to the page for which you have notifications and check if this function is really activated.

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You will have a bell right next to the search box which you must press to check whether or not you have notifications activated. Also in Settings> System> notifications and actions you will have everything you need to control from which applications you receive news. Although we already anticipate that the only thing you have to do is deactivate the notifications tab in general so that your productivity is not affected by continuous attention calls.


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