How to remove extensions from Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge is on the right track. During the first few years it has been like the ugly duckling of the company, since it lost the notoriety that Explorer had and the strong competition. But this hasn’t stopped Microsoft from creating the swan that the company’s current browser has become. There are many novelties that it has, but abusing some or other does not help its operation. That is why we teach you how to uninstall Microsoft Edge extensions.

If you have many extensions, delete some

Google Chrome extensions are well known for giving the browser interesting functions. There are all kinds of them, from those that play you music, through timers to those that help you save on the purchases you make on the Internet. But of course, having many does not help in any way to the speed of the application and you have to uninstall one or another.

This also happens in Microsoft Edge, the Redmond browser, which also has the ability to enter extensions. There are two options that you should know which we could divide into a shortened version if you have few or a more complete one to eliminate them by taking a general look at the ones you have.

Remove extensions from Edge (simple version)

Open the browser

Select the extension you want to remove with right click

Left click on the Remove Extension function

Confirm the selection and wait

Remove extensions from Edge (full version)

Open the browser

Select the points on the right side

Go to Extensions

Slide the button to the white position you want to remove

Accept the selection and wait for them to be removed.


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