How to register for the MeetYourMaker PlayTest test


On August 23, the Meet Your Maker game is undergoing closed testing for base construction, and interested players can register to get a chance to try out the game before its scheduled launch in 2023. On a post-apocalyptic Earth, players take on the role of Guardian of the Chimera, the last experiment to save a dying planet. To develop their Chimera, players are tasked with collecting genetic material, building and fortifying outposts dotted with traps to protect their mining operations, and conducting raids on other players, both alone and in a cooperative game. 2022 was a great year for indie games to build a base: games like V Rising have gained wide popularity, and players who would like to be among the first to try out Meet Your Maker can register right now for closed game testing. .

According to the Meet Your Maker developers’ frequently asked questions, closed game testing is “an opportunity for us to test Meet Your Maker systems on a large scale” before launching the game in 2023. Several caveats apply, and players should be aware of them before registering. or participation. Although Meet Your Maker will also be released on consoles, the upcoming closed game test will only take place on PC via Steam from August 23 and will last for several weeks.

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As in the WoW Dragonflight closed alpha testing, access to the Meet Your Maker closed game test is not guaranteed, as players are selected based on “specific player profiles”. Selected players will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting them from broadcasting the game or sharing content, such as screenshots and footage.

How to register to participate in the Meet Your Maker closed game test

Interested players should go to a closed registration page for testing, where they can register a behavior account or log in via Facebook, Google or Twitch. After registration, players will be redirected to the Behavior Account page, where they can click the Meet Your Maker closed game testing registration tile. This will ask the player a number of questions about whether he prefers a single or multiplayer game, which PC peripherals are convenient for him and how many hours he spends playing games in a normal week. Players may want to emphasize their experience of playing together and multiple peripherals to have a better chance.

Unfortunately, unlike the beta testing of other games like Marauders, Meet Your Maker does not currently offer access to the closed beta testing as a pre-order bonus. After the player answers these questions, they will also be asked to answer a number of questions about what they are looking for in video games, including whether they prefer storytelling or gameplay, whether they find rewards for creative puzzle solving, and the extent to which they enjoy creative expression rather than history. The following questions ask the player to evaluate how important aspects of the gameplay, such as creativity, social games and problem solving, are to him, as well as what genres he likes to play. This, in turn, is followed by questions that ask whether players have played certain games, such as Minecraft, Portal 2 and Mario Maker, for more than 20 hours or have completed more than 50% of their story campaigns.

Although access is not guaranteed, the preference for creative puzzle solutions in video games probably puts the player on a good reputation, along with a preference for good gameplay, creative expression and competition with other players. If selected, players will be notified by email and will receive a Steam key to access the game test. Since the test is conducted exclusively on a PC, players can check whether their system meets the requirements on the Meet Your Maker page on Steam.


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