How to redeem PlayStation 4 (PS4) codes on PS Store


PS Store: We show you how to add PS4 codes in the PS Store, a necessary step to enjoy the products that come on the card. PlayStation 5 has already been released, but that does not mean that PS4 has had its last word. In fact, the new generation machine cannot be found in stores due to lack of stock. In addition, there are still many intergenerational games, among which are Horizon Forbidden West or God of War: Ragnarok (code name). Cards or download codes have become an option that no longer seems strange. Now, how do you redeem a code for PS4?

First of all, it should be noted that there are three options, since not all redeemable codes are for video games. In addition to software, subscriptions to PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, as well as funds (the money that we can enter to buy products on the PlayStation Store) are also distributed in codes.

In any case, the codes are made up of twelve digits, so if you have one with fewer characters, it means that it is not valid, except if it is a discount code (10 digits).

How to redeem codes on PS Store step by step

Once you have the code in your hands, the first step is to access the PlayStation Store from the main menu.
The application will open and you will see a menu open on the left. Look for the option “Redeem code.”
You then enter the characters using the on-screen keyboard. It does not matter if you write in lowercase or with spaces, it does not make any distinction in this regard. Once you have it, press the R2 button.
In case you have added funds, you will have to decide whether to send it to your portfolio of funds, while if it is a video game, you will get a screen in which you can see an image of the title in question. Press “Confirm” and it will become part of your library.
You will then have the option to download the content you have added. If you don’t want to do it at that time, just go to your library and look for it in the “Purchases” menu.


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