How to recover a document that you have not saved


Nobody in their right mind turns off a computer without saving their progress. Also, these are very difficult since word processing applications notify you that you have not saved before logging out. But sometimes Murphy’s law applies and everything you had written is reduced to nothing or all those paragraphs that you corrected recover their mistakes. But luckily we have good news for you, as there is a way to recover a Word file.

Thanks, Word Autosave

In the first versions of Word if you didn’t save something you lost it. This was so and could not be solved in any way, but the software improves and a lot over the years. The proof of this is the autosave function, a feature that if you did not know it today is the time. In fact, it will completely change your use of Word, and of course, it will give you a break if the going gets tough.

This function creates one or more copies of the document you are writing for you. It goes through versions that are stored as time goes by that you have the application activated, regardless of whether or not you have saved the document you have on the screen. This is important, since if the machine shuts down unexpectedly or the application closes, you can use the latest version in the history.

Luckily, Microsoft Word’s autosave is smart, and if one of the above unforeseen events occurs, it kicks in the next session you start. As soon as you open the application, you will have the last two versions saved in the left column. You just have to press one of them and it will appear quickly. Of course, you will have to check the status of that temporary file and check if everything is as you left it.

Open Microsoft Word and the path File> Options> Save

In the ‘Save documents’ section find the location of the automatic recovery file

Copy location to clipboard

Paste it into the File Explorer search bar

Here will be the ASD files, the automatic saving ones

Open it to check the content

If not, follow the steps below to recover them manually:


The good thing about this function is that you can also configure the time that passes between version and automatic save version in the first route so that you never lose anything. That is why we recommend a frequency of 5-10 minutes maximum, so that it may happen in the future.


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