How to Reboot the Real World with New People


After completing “Homecoming in the Real World: New Orleans” has not announced any future content in the real world, but Paramount+ should seriously consider a full reboot of the series. The premiere of “Real World” took place in 1992 on MTV, which featured “the true story of seven strangers chosen to live in an attic and record their lives on tape to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start behaving for real.” The Bunim/Murray Productions franchise turned into a cultural phenomenon, bringing the reality TV genre to the forefront of the television landscape at the turn of the century, spawning numerous spin-offs such as its rival show “Rules of the Road” and a competitive show in which these graduates continue to compete against each other in what is today called a Challenge. “The Real World” aired 32 seasons on MTV, and the 33rd season aired on Facebook Watch in 2019 without much fanfare.

In the summer of 2020, Mark Long, a graduate of the first season of “Rules of the Road”, launched the We Want OG campaign on Twitter, which led to the creation of a new series called “Challenge: All Stars”, dedicated to national nostalgia for the 90s and the original stars of the franchise. Soon after, production began on the film “Homecoming in the Real World: New York,” which premiered on Paramount+ in March 2021, reuniting seven titled strangers. Since then, actors from Los Angeles and New Orleans have returned to their cities to rephrase old wounds, heal and create new shocks. The success of “Homecoming” and “Challenge: All Stars” even led to the creation of a new show “Challenge”, unrelated to the original series, in which actors from “Survivor”, “Big Brother”, “Love Island” and “Amazing Race” fight each other in “Challenge”. : USA, premiere July 6.

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Producer Jonathan Murray recently spoke to Gold Derby and commented on the future of Homecoming: “We haven’t explored what season we’ll do next if we get a chance to do it,” he said. “But we definitely have a small list that we can quickly get out of the drawer when Paramount+ is ready to shoot another season.” One option to reboot the “Real World” with new people would be to contact young adult children or relatives of the original franchise actors. These family members will be taped as they live and work together for a whole new generation of viewers, as well as tapping into the nostalgia factor.

This is the right time to reboot, because the Real World has been hailed as revolutionary due to the fact that it features different people and stories. Such diversity is beneficial for the audience and society as a whole, but this does not mean that the show has never made mistakes. Actor Melissa Beck’s comments about white privilege were left on the editing room floor in the original broadcast of the New Orleans season in 2000. In the interview Jonathan admitted the mistake of missing this moment from the show, saying the producers “didn’t get it” at the time. “When we came back and talked about some of these issues that arose back then and how… we treated them today, we had the opportunity to take another look and see, well, maybe we missed something.”

The success of “Homecoming” was recognized by the Television Critics Association with a nomination in 2021 for Outstanding Achievement in Reality and two nominations for the Critics Choice Real TV Awards 2022 for the film “Homecoming: New Orleans”. Given the popularity of the program, the time is approaching for a new generation of young people to learn, grow and explore interpersonal relationships. The reboot will be full of poignant and topical moments, such as the “Homecoming: Los Angeles” storyline, in which Irene Berrera’s trans nephew Kearns Gibby visits Beth’s son Anthony Morty. Morty recently declared himself transgender, and Beth A. was surprisingly difficult to come to terms with this, especially considering that in 1993 she was a regular LGBTQ+ participant.

Thanks to Paramount’s recent mandate of 50% BIPOC casting in all reality programs and the general desire for more media representation, the reboot of the real world could be an opportunity to take a step back and share a lot of new stories from the meta, self-aware generation. The restart will also reassure fans who complain about the state of affairs with The Challenge and the lack of understanding of the real world and the rules of the road. Since there will be no more real-world content on the horizon, a creative reboot of the series will be a hit.