How to Read Books Online Free on Smartphone or Tablet


E-books are an excellent option for reading lovers who are looking for convenience when reading their books while traveling, or even on shorter commutes such as home to work, for example. With smartphones or tablets, it is possible to have access to a huge collection of titles in the palm of our hands, with the advantage that many titles are free.

Today, TecMundo presents a list of different applications to read free books and magazines on devices, Android, iOS or even on the PC. Check out!

By iOS

iOS has an app called Apple Books where you can find a large collection of books. It is possible to purchase renowned titles, or have a library only with the platform’s free e-books.

See how to access:

1. Open the Apple Books app on your iOS.

2. On the application’s main screen, go to the “Book Store” tab.

3. Then go to the “Explore Sections” option (as shown in the image below).

4. Now select the option “Free and on offer”.

5. The next screen will show a series of books on sale, but also several free options.

6. Select the title you want to have in your library. Then click on the “Get” option.

7. Now just wait for the download and check it in your library.


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