How to read a WhatsApp secretly without being online or double blue check


WhatsApp: There are those who do not care about it, but the ‘snitch’ that is the icon to confirm the reading of a message in WhatsApp is one of those functions capable of stressing, overwhelming and even causing fights -the typical “you left me last night in read, why did you not answer me? “.

For this reason, there are those who want to continue using the messaging app, but without so many confirmations. And they even look for a way to be ‘invisible’, and read messages that reach them without the read receipt jumping.

WhatsApp sneaks

Created to review the status of shipments, WhatsApp has up to 4 indicators when you send a message or any other type of content -a photo, a video, a document-, to indicate if it has been sent well, if it has been received and if it has been has read.

These are:

Next to the message you have just sent there is a clock, an icon that indicates that there are connectivity problems, and therefore the message has not yet left your mobile and has not reached the WhatsApp servers

1 Check gray
The message has left your mobile and has reached the WhatsApp / Facebook servers

Double gray check
The message has passed from the app’s servers to the recipient’s mobile, who has already received it


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